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Enjoy ice cold or steaming hot H2O instantly with a Avalon bottled water dispenser. These H2O cooler dispensers are so easy to set up. No need to run a water line. You can put these attractive hydration stations anywhere in your office or home. With 5 star customer service and 30 money back guarantee, we know you’ll love your new water dispenser. With an Avalon cooler you get Perfect Water, Every Time.
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30 day money-back guarantee

Enjoy a 30-day risk-free trial. If you don’t love your Avalon water dispenser we’ll replace or refund it.

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1 year warranty

We build products that last, but if something should go wrong Avalon includes a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

bottled water dispenser FAQs
Do I have to sign a contract with Avalon if I get an electric water cooler stand?

When you buy an Avalon water dispenser you own the machine outright. There are no leasing agreements and no contracts to sign. You will need to either sign up for a water jug delivery service or buy the water from an office supply store.

How much will it cost me per month after I buy a water cooler?

Because you'll own your water cooler, there are no monthly bottle stand rental fees, and no water cooler leasing fees. However, you will need to either refill the jugs or find a water cooler bottle delivery service.

How much will an electric water cooler stand increase my electric bill?

Our bottled water cooler stands are all Energy Star approved and cost very little energy to run.

Are your water dispenser stands 5 gallon bottle water coolers?

Our bottled water cooler stands will hold 3 and 5 gallon jugs. So yes, all of our electric stands are 5 gallon bottle dispensers.

How many water coolers with a bottle should an office have?

It is best to have 1 office water cooler for every 20-25 people in your workplace. If you have a larger office or very heavy usage we would suggest buying additional bottle dispensers.

Can I buy water coolers with a bottle in bulk from Avalon?

Yes, our bottled water coolers can be purchased in bulk. Please contact us for more information.

Do Avalon water dispensers have free shipping?

We offer free shipping in the USA on all of our water dispensers and filters.

Bottom Loading Water Coolers
Hide the bulky water cooler bottles so all you see is the sleek design of an Avalon water dispenser. These attractive designs store the large water bottle inside the cabinet. Our bottled units pump the water from the jug through the machine using the most advanced pumping technology. When the bottle is empty, an indicator light on the front of the unit will let you know that it is time to replace the water jug. Shop our great selection of bottom load water dispensers.
Top Loading Water Coolers
With a classic look perfect for any office, our top loading water stands will give your workspace a professional look while providing cold revitalizing water to your employees. Our innovative bottled water machines fit any 3, 5 or 10 gallon water jug and work with any water bottle delivery service. Thanks to their easy set up all you need to do to enjoy ice cold H2O or hot water is to plug it in. Shop our great selection of top load water dispensers.