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How water is a steaming 185°F. Perfect for any hot beverage.
Cold water is a crisp cold 47°F
Our water coolers are designed to refill the tanks as you dispense water so you should never run out of water. However if you do dispense a large amount of water at once you will want to give the unit a few moments to reheat the water.
No, you can turn the hot and cold switches on and off and you please.
Yes, you can leave our unit plugged in over night. If you would like to unplug it over night you may but the water will need time to heat and cool again when you plug it back in.
Yes, any American three prong outlet will work with our electric water dispensers.
If you are using a 3 gallon bottle rather than a 5 gallon bottle you can adjust probe by pressing the two tabs at the head of the probe and sliding the collar down to the neck of the bottle. Your user manual will provide a visual for this adjustment. If you are having trouble please contact our customer support team at 1800-256-0695.
If your town has a "boil advisory" you can still use our bottled units but we do not suggest using the bottleless units. Boil Advisory's should be taken seriously and it is important to research the contaminants in the water that are causing this advisory. It is more than likely that any water filter will not be able to remove the contaminants in the water which is the reason the advisory is in effect. Please contact your local health department for more information.
Yes, both the hot and cold tanks are stainless steel. This helps ensure the cleanest tasting drinking water available.
It will take about 12-15 minutes for the water to initially fill inside of the hot and cold tanks. As you use the water cooler the water will replenish as it is dispensed
The installation kit will include a 1/4 inch water line that is 20 feet long
The water cooler filters should be replaced every 6 months or 1500 gallons of water used, depending on which comes first.
Each model will have a way of indicating that the filter will need to be changed. Most units will have one indicator light that will illuminate red when the filter needs to be changed. Please refer to your user manual for the indication on your model. If you have any questions please contact our customer support team at 1800-256-0695 or
Once you have changed the filter you want to press and hold the filter reset button for a few seconds. The reset button will be located inside the bottom cabinet just below the drip tray. On the counter top model it will be located on the left side of the unit.
If you have a water cooler that only requires a single filter, the replacement filter will cost $89.99. If your water cooler is a unit with dual filtration you can purchase the set of water cooler filters for $99.99.
Your user manual will provide you with detailed instructions and images that explain how to flush the filter. If you have any questions during this step please call our customer support team and we would be glad to walk you through it. You can reach us at 1800-256-0695
Our Avalon filters are only compatible with our Avalon Water cooler. Use of an alternate brand filter may damage the unit and will void the warranty.
No, the unit is designed for the water to pass through our filters in order to enter into the cooler.
The unit has been sanitized and clean prior to packaging and shipping but we do recommend following the cleaning instructions to rinse the unit prior to installation just in case any debris entered the unit during shipping.
Our Avalon water coolers do not require much maintenance. Most units will require manual cleaning every 3 months. We do offer units that are self cleaning. We suggest manually cleaning these units every 6 months to ensure there is not mineral build up.
If the water cooler has the self clean feature, the cycle should be run once a week. We recommend manually cleaning the unit every 6 months to avoid any mineral build up. If the unit does not have the self clean feature we recommend manual cleaning every 3 months.
The user manual will provide step by step cleaning instructions as well as visuals to guide you through cleaning your water cooler. You can use a cleaning solution that you are comfortable, for example vinegar and water or baking soda and water. Be sure to use clear water to rinse the unit after using your cleaning solution. If you do not have the user manual or need any assistance with the instructions please contact our customer support team.
The self cleaning feature will create Ozone inside of the unit and release it into the tanks and lines to sanitize, disinfect and kill bacteria inside of the water cooler. Once cleaning is complete the Ozone will return back to oxygen and will be released into the air. To begin the self cleaning cycle press and hold the self cleaning switch for a few seconds. The self cleaning indicator light will beging to blink and will continue until the cycle is complete. The cycle will take 90 minutes to complete, please do not use the water cooler during this time.
The self cleaning cycle will take 90 minutes to complete. The self clean indicator light will blink until the cycle is complete. The unit should not be used while it is cleaning.
The water cooler cannot be used during the self cleaning cycle. We suggest running the self clean cycle overnight or at a time when the cooler will not need to be used.
You can contact our customer support team and we would be happy to assist you with any water dispenser parts that you may need. You can reach out support team at 1800-256-0695 or by email at
It water is dripping from the nozzle, it is most likely caused by the seal inside of the spout not closing all of the way. This is a very simple fix. The solution will depend on the model that you have. Please contact our customer support team for instructions on what to do.
If you water cooler is leaking please visit our trouble shooting videos. Here you will find step by step videos to walk you through just want to do to stop the leak.
If your water dispenser suddenly stops dispensing water, it could be caused by a few different reasons. Please contact our customer support team so that we can learn more information about what is happening to best assist you.
Turn on the cold switch (Green) on the back of your water cooler
Turn on the hot switch (red) on the back of your water cooler
The water cooler may be noisy if it is not sitting level. Please make sure that the water cooler is sitting on a level surface.
Each model will have a power indicator light along with a hot and cold indicator light. A model that has the self cleaning feature will indicate that as well. The self cleaning and power indication will share a light. That light will be steady on to indicate the power is on and will blink to indicate the unit is self cleaning. The hot and cold indicator lights will illuminate when the water is heating or cooling and will turn off when the water is ready. Some units will also have a light that will indicate that the bottle or the filter needs to be changed. This light will be red. Please refer to your manual for more details on the indicator lights for your model.
Depending on the model water cooler that you have, the red indicator light will illuminate for different reasons. If you have a bottom loading bottled water cooler the light will be indicating that the bottle is empty. If you have a bottleless water cooler the light will be indicating that the filters need to be replaced.
The self clean light and the power indicator light are the same light. The light will remain steady on at all times to indicate that the power is on. The light will blink while the unit is in self clean mode and will return to steady one when it is complete.
When all of the lights are flashing and the unit is beeping this is the leak indicator alert. There is a leak sensor located in the bottom left hand corner of the cabinet. If even a small amount of water is detected by this sensor it will put it in a safety mode to avoid a further fluid leakage. Correcting this is very simple. First you want to check the unit for any possible leaks just to be sure. If you don't notice anything please unplug the unit from the wall. Once unplugged locate the sensor in the back left corner of the unit. It is green and sits in a small indent. Please dry the sensor completely. You can even remove the screw to lift to sensor out of place to ensure that it is completely dry. Once the sensor is dry you can plug the unit back it and use it as normal.
Yes we offer free shipping on all of our water dispensers and filters
Generally, our return policy on water coolers is 30 days unless the unit is defective. You can read our full return policy here return policy here
At Avalon we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. That's why we make it as easy as possible to return a product if you're not happy.
Avalon water coolers are better than other bottleless water cooler companies because we only manufacture sleek, atractive machines that use only the highest quality parts. Our 5 star customer service and 30 day money back guarantee will give you confidence in your water cooler so you know you'll get perfect water every time.
Avalon water coolers are available online at many retailers. They can also be purchased here on our website.
Our Avalon water coolers are available for sale to own. This will save you the monthly cost of leasing a water cooler.
If you have any trouble with your Avalon dispenser please contact our customer support team right away. We will assist you in resolving problem you are having by trouble shooting or potentially issuing a replacement unit if necessary.
When you buy an Avalon water dispenser you own the machine outright. There are no leasing agreements and no contracts to sign.
Although our water coolers are not ADA certified, most of our units are ADA compliant. We strategically place the spouts to allow ease of access including for those with disabilities. Please contact our customer support team for more details.
Avalon is a national water cooler retailer so whether you are looking for a water cooler in New York City New York, Los Angeles California, Chicago Illinois or Houston Texas you can buy a water cooler online today!
Our bottleless water coolers will be a green office solution because they eliminate the need to purchase and dispose of water bottles by connecting directly to your water source.
Our water cooler company is located in Lakewood, New Jersey. We sit right between New York City, NY and Philadelphia, PA

At Avalon we’re dedicated to helping our water cooler customers. That’s why we assembled this water cooler FAQ and Resources page to help answer common questions you may have about our bottled and bottleless water dispensers.
If we don’t have the answer here, don’t hesitate to contact our 5 star customer service.

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