Bottleless water coolers are water coolers that don't get water from the traditional bottle. Rather the water comes from your home or offices water line. The water then runs through a NSF certified filter to deliver a clean pure crisp cup of water every time.
With the bottle-less coolers you will save lots of money anually as well saving yourself the hassle of replacing the bottles. That said- regular coolers are still very popular and both options will work flawlessly
The filter will need be be changed either once in six months or after easy 1500 gallons of use. Whichever comes first
Your bottleless water cooler is actually fairly simple to install. All you need to do is attach the small white plastic tubing to the nearest water line, or sink. Most people can complete this task in 30 minutes or less. Experienced plumbers can usually complete it in less then 10 minutes.
It's as easy as 123, you literally just twist it into the holder.
Some of Avalon's water coolers have a very cool feature ( no pun intended) that releases ozone on demand to help clean the tank of the cooler. It's 100% safe and very efficient. It will save you lots of time from needing to manually clean your tanks.
We pride ourself with industry leading manufacturing techniques and we only use the very best materials. That said our coolers should last from 6-8 years.
Avalon's water coolers come with a 1 year warranty. Avalon prides itself with really awesome customer service. Should anything go wrong with your water cooler,please contact us. Proof of purchase is required in order to process a request.