How it works

Ozone is a naturally occurring odorless, tasteless gas that can be used as a safe and powerful disinfectant - even more effective than chlorine!

What does self-cleaning mean?

Select Avalon water coolers include an upgraded self-cleaning ozone function to ensure worry-free cleaning of the inner tanks and tubings. A small, manual switch on the back of the cooler runs a 90-minute cycle to sanitize and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and more.

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How often should I use the self-clean function?

We recommend activating the self-cleaning ozone function every week. The cycle will take 90 minutes to complete. During this time do not dispense or drink the water. Because of this, we recommend you activate self-cleaning during a period of time when the unit will not be in use such as overnight.

"the self-cleaning feature makes maintenance a breeze." - M. R. Simmons

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