avalon PAC single filter
All avalon single filter
All avalon single filter
avalon PAC single filter

This upgraded high-performance filter was specially designed to remove impurities from exceptionally sediment-dense drinking water.

  • • Exclusively for Avalon bottleless water coolers that use one filter
  • • Includes 1 sediment and carbon fiber filter
  • • Anti-clog technology for uninterrupted water flow
  • • Lasts 6 months or every 1500 gallons
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Why do I need a PAC filter? 

Although all of Avalon's filters safely remove impurities from your drinking water, certain water sources with a high level of impurities will clog our traditional filters more quickly. That is why we set out to design an upgraded filter that would trap a high volume of contaminates without interrupting water flow. The result is our high-performance PAC filter which uses a combination of sediment and carbon fiber to give you long-lasting, great tasting water. 
tech specs
Tech Specs Filters
  • – sediment and carbon fiber filter
  • – eliminates rust, large particles of dirt, chlorine, taste and odor, nominal particulates lass I, lead, and cysts
  • – flow rate: 0.79 gallons per minute
  • – maximum working pressure: 60 PSI
  • – lifespan: 6 months or 1500 gallons
  • – PH range: 5-10
  • – hardness: below 300 ppm
  • – evaporated remains: below 500 ppm