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7 Ways to Detox Naturally in the New Year

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It’s that time again where you will start hearing people say, “New year, new me,” but how many people actually follow through with their goals and resolutions? Entering the New Year is a perfect time to reflect, refresh, and most importantly detox.

Many elements build up in your body from sources you encounter every day like perfumes, lotions, make-up, and air pollutants—including car fumes, food additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. Other toxins come from household cleaning products, cigarette smoke, alcohol, and other substances.

You might feel sluggish and run down especially after the holidays, so it’s essential that you take the time to care for your body. By detoxing or abstaining from bad habits, you give your body time to get rid of unhealthy and even toxic substances.

There are many different methods to cleanse your body, but we’ve narrowed it down to seven ways to detox naturally in the New Year—because everyone could use a fresh start.

Tea Detox

There are a variety of teas available each with their own benefits. In general, black and green teas are helpful for the body, but detox teas, in particular, have additional ingredients to support a healthy body. Dandelion, ginger, milk thistle, and lemon grass tea are especially beneficial for your organs. They contain properties that aid in the natural detoxification process.


This may seem too simple to be effective, but it turns out that most people aren’t drinking enough water on a daily basis. Drinking water is crucial for keeping your body functioning properly and efficiently. It flushes you of toxins, removes wastes, and transports nutrients.

Hydration also keeps your skin’s complexion and with weight loss, prevents headaches, constipation, and dizziness. Drinking more water is the fastest and easiest dietary change that shows the fastest results.

To stay hydrated make water your main beverage choice, drink it when thirsty and with meals. If you find it difficult to consume the recommended amount, then try to get your servings of water in different ways. Add in a piece of lemon for flavor or try seltzer water instead, and make sure you always have a water bottle on hand.

Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse is a mixture of a diet and detox that can last for just a few days or a few weeks. During this cleansing time, you will only be consuming fruits and vegetables—not actual food. Since you’re abstaining from eating other foods, you’ll want to make sure the juices you choose are nutritious enough to sustain your body and all its activities.

Sugar Detox

Sugar may taste good, but the effect it has on your body isn’t so sweet. This detox is ideal for anyone who wants to cut back on sugar, but especially for those suffering or predisposed to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and other issues.

By cutting out sugar from your diet, you are breaking an addiction to ultimately toxic foods and removing your cravings for them. You’ll lose weight, feel more energized, and have a new appreciation for your palate without a sugar coating.

Environmental Detox

While you can’t live in a plastic bubble and avoid the environment completely, you can be more mindful of its effects on you and how to prevent them. By avoiding smoking or secondhand smoke, exhaust fumes, and even keeping your car’s air flowing, you can reduce the impurities that enter your body.

Of course, you can’t stop everything since allergens and pollution are all around! Use a Neti pot to flush your nasal passages. Doing this cleanse daily will remove any air pollutants, leaving you breathing better. Also, consider investing in a humidifier or air purifier to keep the air clean and circulating.

Skin Detox

Every day you load your body up with chemicals through your skin. The most common perpetrators are makeup, perfume, lotions, dyes, and sprays. By doing a skin detox, you don’t have to stop using these products entirely, but you should start looking at their ingredients. Opt for all natural goods and organic that doesn’t have any harsh, pore-clogging toxins.


Finally, the best way to get rid of toxins from your body is to keep moving! Sweating naturally detoxes your body by encouraging circulation in the blood and lymph system. Increasing your exercise helps eliminate your body’s waste through perspiration. It also promotes and regulates digestion, strengthens your body, and relieves stress.

Keep in mind that along with exercise, you should maintain a healthy diet and consistent intake of water. With any detox, water is a crucial component of staying strong and feeling good.

Your hydration experience awaits.

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