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What's Inside Counts: 4 Reasons How It’s Made Matters

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We’ve all heard the idea that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, it’s what’s inside that matters. It’s true for people—a person could be the most good-looking person on the planet, and not, necessarily, be desirable to have as a friend—as well as objects. When it comes to architecture or the functionality of everyday objects, the axiom carries additional weight. Here are four reasons why.

Longevity of Materials

Any child who has heard the nursery rhyme about the Three Pigs knows that the type of materials used to build can be the difference between a home that lasts and one that doesn’t. The same is true for household objects as well. Consider a plastic spatula versus one made of metal, or a countertop made of laminate versus one made of granite. Products should be made to last. That’s why we made the filtration system in the all-new avalon A13 with multi-layered sediment and carbon block filters to last up to six months. Quality counts—and saves both money and time.


The nuts and bolts that make up the mechanics of a product have an immediate effect on the amount of energy necessary to operate it. Energy-efficient products aren’t only good for the environment, but for your wallet as well. As technology continues to offer solutions for traditionally high-consuming products, it’s becoming easier to find energy-efficient appliances. Our water coolers are among them. Not only can you amp up your sustainability game by ditching water bottles forever, you can also feel good that our products are Energy Star approved. Never worry about performance faltering in favor of efficiency.


Let’s go back to the Three Pigs. While no swine were harmed in the telling of the nursery rhyme, it’s not a stretch to see that the house made of straw posed not only a construction mishap for its owner, but a safety hazard as well. Architecture firms have rigid standards to meet when designing a building; there are equally rigid standards for passenger airplanes, for example. The NSF is a certifying body for kitchen appliance safety, ensuring that everyday objects in the home are safe for everyday use (think BPA-free tupperware as well as heavier appliances, like stoves). How a product is constructed affects the safety of it when used. Our water coolers have all been tested and approved by the Underwriters Laboratory (“UL Listed”) to ensure you can use them in your home and office without worry.


It may seem ironic to consider the design of a product when touting the idea that it’s “what’s inside that counts,” but in many cases—our water coolers among them—it’s the inner beauty that leads to outer. Products designed with high-end materials simply look nicer than ones not constructed with the same intention and care. The use of fine materials begets sleek, polished objects that are a joy to look at, as well as to use.

Your hydration experience awaits.

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