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Midday Sweat-fest? How to Freshen Up After a Lunch Workout

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Hitting the gym at your office sounds like a great idea, until you use it on your lunch break and realize you have to return to work feeling gross. How can you quickly freshen up after exercising?

First, consider not making it an all-out sweat-fest. Taking a walk or lifting weights may be a better option than beast-mode cardio…at least if you want to exercise during the middle of the day and get back to your desk afterwards.

Regardless of what you do, here are a few ways to freshen up and return to work after a workout when you cannot take a shower.

1. Bring workout clothes.

Changing into workout clothes—and keeping your work clothes from getting wrinkled or dirty—is key. Make sure to bring a complete change of clothes so you can put on your exercise clothes and then get back into your work outfit. You may need to consider bringing a garment bag if your work clothes are on the more formal side.

2. Dry off.

Bring a hand towel to dry off any excess sweat. This can help you prepare to return to work.

3. Bring water—and ice.

Drinking cold water after a sweaty workout can help you cool off, as can placing some ice or a frozen water bottle on the back of your neck. This can help you cool off more quickly.

4. Wipe everywhere.

Having a wipe for the rest of your body is a great idea, even if this is only a washcloth with some soap.

5. Clean your face.

Having facial wipes on hand to blot away sweat and oil can be a lifesaver, and choosing one made for your face is a great idea. Even if you’re not applying makeup, having a clean face is a must. Be sure to buy facial wipes because they are easier on your skin and can really clean off extra dirt.

6. Dry your hair.

Bringing a spray-on shampoo or even baby powder can help remove moisture from sweat that gets into your hair so you can look your best upon returning to the office.

7. Apply deodorant.

If you’re smart enough to wipe down your body, it’s a great chance to prevent more odor or wetness by then re-applying deodorant.

No need to skip the opportunity to exercise during the workday. With a small gym bag and these tips, you can squeeze in some fitness fun and get back to your desk in no time!

Your hydration experience awaits.

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