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Advantages Of Going Bottleless

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How bottleless water coolers can cut office costs and help the environment.

 If you work in an office or similar environment, then you’ve probably seen and even used the communal water cooler. Water coolers do much more than quench your thirst and refresh you throughout the day. They also provide mini-breaks in your day and the chance to socialize with others who have also come to get their fill of H2O.

 The typical water cooler features a large plastic jug tipped upside down on top of the machine. You’ve probably seen others or been the one struggling to perfectly place the bottle without getting water all over the place. You might not have been aware that these types of water coolers with plastic bottles create a variety of problems. Avoid this wasteful and unhealthy option by choosing a bottleless water cooler in the office instead.

 To give you a better understanding of bottleless water coolers and why they are a better alternative, let’s go over some of the benefits.

 Less expensive

 First, delivered water used for coolers typically cost $0.79/gal compared to a bottleless cooler system, which uses reverse osmosis and only costs a mere $0.02/gal. By going bottleless, you will save money that could go towards different aspects of your business.

 Tastes better

 Some plastic jugs may have been sitting around for months or years in a warehouse or even in the hot sun. While water doesn’t go stale, it can leave your supply tasting old or of plastic. This is especially true of the plastic that can seep into your water, leaving chemicals and a subsequent poor taste behind. Using a bottleless water cooler provides a constant supply of fresh water. By using high-quality filters, you are guaranteed purity and a delicious taste in your water.

 Easier to use

 Remember that heavy and awkward five-gallon jug you have to lift to replace each time the cooler runs out of water? Well with a bottleless water cooler you can say goodbye to that and any resulting back pain. Once you’ve installed this system, all you have to replace are the filters and enjoy your water. Say goodbye to accidental spills, heavy bottle changes, and storage issues.

 Cleaner and healthier

 With a bottleless cooler, your device is completely sealed, which reduces the risk of contaminating your water. This system doesn’t have a bottle that needs to be changed, so employees don’t come in direct contact with the water. The traditional gallon cooler is highly susceptible to airborne germs and contaminants. Some water companies may also use old plastic jugs that are exposed to other elements, which can cause chemicals from the plastic to leach into the water.


 Water jugs are made out of plastic, which is a material that doesn’t biodegrade and can sit in a landfill. While you can recycle these vessels, continuing demand for them continues their production which is not good for the environment. Since bottleless water coolers purify your existing water, they are more cost-effective and reduce the need for extra energy. Delivered water requires trucks to transport the jugs, which involves the use of non-renewable fossil fuels and results in the release of harmful carbon emissions.

Eliminate the unnecessary trouble and costs of using traditional water jugs in your office’s cooler. Using a bottleless water cooler system will provide a constant flow of fresh drinking water to keep your staff hydrated. The filtration system purifies your water, so you don’t have to worry about contaminants or other risks that come with plastic bottles. It’s easy to set up and can be connected to any existing water supply. Choose heated or chilled water to enjoy with your fellow coworkers. Your office and the environment will thank you!



Your hydration experience awaits.

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