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Holiday perks of bottleless coolers

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Getting set for the holiday season - more company coming over - the Brita pitcher empties quick and can’t filter as much water. 

A bottleless watercooler may seem like it only belongs in the office, but they are quite common in homes. Having one of these water dispensers in your home—especially during the holidays—could be a lifesaver. Bottleless watercoolers dispense both hot and cold water, and are available in floor (often seen in professional settings) and countertop models. The countertop model is more common in homes, and has a few advantages when you’re expecting a lot of company.

1. Save Money

First, you’ll save money on water. Forget about lugging cases of water in to the house in anticipation of a crowd. You can serve water in any cup or container you want without the need to run to the store and load up on cases of bottled water. The water in the dispenser actually costs less than older watercooler models that include a jug attached to the top.  Having those jugs delivered costs about $0.79 per gallon, while a bottleless cooler system costs just $0.02 per gallon.

2. Save the Earth.

Because you will not be using bottles if you have a filtered watercooler, there is also less recycling waste. An added perk is that there will be more room in the fridge for all that tasty holiday food instead of filling your refrigerator with water bottles waiting to chill.

3. Save Your Sanity.

Use a pitcher with a water filter? That may be fine when it’s just your family at home, but when the house is packed and everyone is thirsty, you’ll spend a lot of time and money waiting for the water to filter. Having a bottleless watercooler, on the other hand, means that filtered water is always ready and always cold.

Another perk to filtered watercooler is that they come in hot and cold water options. This is especially helpful in the event that different people want a variety of drinks. From hot cocoa and hot cocktails to cold water and other cold beverages, a filtered watercooler gives you the ultimate in variety. 

Long after the holidays pass and the crowds whither, your bottleless water dispenser will still offer an affordable, versatile option for quality water. Put one on your holiday wish list today!


Your hydration experience awaits.

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