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Hydrate for Better Health This Flu Season

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Flu season is here, so it is an ideal time to start thinking about how to prevent the virus while boosting your health.

Getting a flu shot can be a step in the right direction, but there are a few other steps you can take to improve your body’s immune system and maintain your health during flu season.

1. Drink up.

It may seem easy for most of us to get enough water when it is hot, but we tend to forget to hydrate properly when the weather gets cold. You may not want ice-cold water if it is freezing outside; instead, opt for room-temperature water. Or add fruit into your water if you are looking for more taste. While you don’t want to overload of sugar-laden drinks, turning to tea can be a smart choice for overall health and hydration.

2. Start that hot-water-and-lemon habit.

You have probably heard people who swear by this blend. They say it boost immunity, detoxifies the body, aids in digestion—and some think it’s a serious anti-aging practice. Why not try it and see how you feel? Water and lemon are a great combo when cold, why not hot? Sipping on hot water and lemon may be just what you need to start your day and keep your body feeling its best.

3. Soap up.

Hand-washing is a simple way to protect yourself from the flu and other viruses. Be sure to use soap and warm water, and scrub your hands for a good amount of time. The general rule of thumb for how long to suds up is the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday.”

4. Wash cups.

In addition to regular hand-washing, it is a smart idea to ensure that you do not share cups with others. Even if you’re in a household where everyone has been vaccinated and no one is sick, it is still a good practice not to take a sip of someone else’s drink—or let them drink out of your cup. If members of the house have a cold or flu, you may want to switch to disposable cups temporarily. Keep this in mind as the holiday season continues and you’re tempted to “try” someone else’s holiday concoction!

5. Try a bottleless water dispenser.

Want to make sure you are drinking enough during the cold, dry months? Keep water in front of you all day. A bottleless water dispenser or bottom-loading water cooler can give you hot and cold water so you can enjoy beverages at any temperature. Some of the smaller units make a great gift for the home or office and fit perfectly on countertops. If your office water cooler has seen better days or you don’t have one, ask your boss to invest.

6. Keep your water dispenser clean.

If you use a water cooler, it’s a great idea to make sure the unit stays clean—especially if it is located in an office where multiple people are using the machine. Wipe down the exterior surface and buttons regularly so you can continue to enjoy hot and cold water without the chance of catching any germs!

Staying hydrated and keeping your home and office space clean can help you prevent getting the flu. It can also help you stay healthy this winter, allowing you to enjoy all the season has to offer.

Your hydration experience awaits.

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