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5 Ways to Create a Productive Home Office

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Working at home requires professionals to maintain an environment that supports productivity and creativity. For many of us, that may sound easy. After all, most workplaces aren’t exactly inspiring. We think our homes would support our professional endeavors, but they may not be set up to provide the optimal space for working.

Want to transform a home office space into a productivity powerhouse? These tips can help you cultivate an upbeat home office.

1. Appearances Count.

Putting a desk in musty basement or a spare room may seem like enough to do your best work at home, but it’s probably not. Poke around on the Internet for some inspiration and see what design elements appeal most to you. Sometimes it doesn’t take much money to transform a space—often, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to create an awesome home workspace.

2. Lighting is a must.

From overhead lighting to task lighting—and natural light—you’ll want a space that incorporates upbeat lighting. Stay away from anything fluorescent and let the space be the backdrop for a well-lit office. If you prefer natural lighting, don’t block the windows with dark curtains. Too much natural light? Add a window treatment to diffuse the lighting. And include a desk lamp so you have the proper task lighting.

3. Make it healthy.

Working at home gives you the opportunity to take breaks to move around. Add a yoga mat so you can stretch between conference calls, or a water cooler so staying energized is convenient. Want to ditch your chair? Try a standing desk, or have an exercise ball nearby so you can switch up seating. Again, think about how you work best and give your office touches that make working from home a healthy experience.

4. Add outdoor elements.

Not everyone has a large window to provide natural lighting and stimulation. In a darker space that needs some upbeat touches? Add a plant or a small water fountain. That can make the space more peaceful and bring a little of nature into the space.

1. Take breaks.

It may be tempting to turn on the television or slog around on social media when you need a break, but the key to staying productive is to give yourself a break that refuels you. Hop on to that yoga mat and stretch out, or look at relevant articles. Get a task done around the house if that doesn’t derail your focus. Just avoid sinking into unproductive habits at home.

With a little planning, you can create a home office that fosters productivity and creativity so your career can thrive.

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