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5 Ways to Integrate Natural Elements Into a Home Office

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A home office gives you the freedom you want to work where you want—might as well make it look and feel good. How can you create a space that you want to be in?

In a room that may be filled with technology, adding a little outdoor flair can help the space feel more relaxing and look good. Think of the sights, smells and surfaces that you enjoy outside when considering how to bring nature into your room. Maybe you’re a beach lover who does well with a sound machine, or an avid hiker who likes natural light. Whatever you like about nature, follow those preferences when designing a home office.

Here are a few ways to bring natural elements into your space.

1. Play up the window.

Your home office doesn’t have to include a huge bay window to get more light into the space. You may want privacy, so soft diffusing blinds may help, or you can go with a curtain that lets you open and close it. Natural light can do wonders for our moods and help us stay productive. Make sure you are getting the most out of any natural light sources you do have an not covering up the windows too much. That said, include variables so you can darken the room if needed.  If your home office doesn’t have a window, it’s a good idea to integrate lighting options that are not fluorescent. Check out soft light bulb varieties to create a natural-looking glow.

2. Add aromatherapy.

Diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to bring natural scents into eh space. You don’t want something too overpowering, so research which oils work well and consider blends. They also make blends geared toward creativity and productivity—it could be just what you need to crank out an important project. You can include an air freshener if you don’t want to use essential oils; again, stick with something natural and light.

3. Go green.

Plants are an inexpensive and effective way to green up your office. Try a few potted plants to increase oxygen in the space. Certain varieties are also great at combatting indoor air contaminants, so you may feel better with a few plants around.

4. Make a splash.

Thinking of adding a water fountain but afraid the noise may become irritating, or make you constantly think about going to the bathroom? Have no fear! There are a variety of decorative water fountains that can bring water into the room.

5. Add wood or stone.

These are elements outdoors, so bringing them indoors can help the office have a natural touch. Try wooden shelves or furniture. Add a few stones on a water feature, or integrate them into the décor via a stoned wall or stone feature on a wall. These can be helpful if you’re in a sterile-like environment. With a home office, you have more control over the décor and ambiance of the room, so look around for options you enjoy.

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