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Water for Baby Formula: Bottled, Boiled or Filtered?

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Mixing up a bottle of baby formula isn’t too hard, but knowing which water source should go into the formula can be a challenge.

Bottled water may seem to be the safest bet, but it turns out that filtered tap water may be a safer source. Bottled water can contain contaminants and high levels of sodium. Whether you use bottled water or tap water, some people boil water when preparing formula. This is recommended in some infants with compromised immune systems.

If you want to be on the safest side possible, boil the water to reduce bacteria exposure. The boiling process can’t remove contaminants such as lead, chlorine or fluoride, but it can kill bacteria. You can remove more from tap water if you filter it first.

Which Water is Best for Infant Formula?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives limited advice on the matter. Their website states, “Use water from a safe source to mix your infant formula. If you are not sure if your tap water is safe to use for preparing infant formula, contact your local health department.”

The Mayo Clinic notes that fluoridated tap water is safe to use when preparing infant formula. The fluoride exposure helps prevent tooth decay. It could increase your child’s risk for fluorosis, which is a cosmetic issue defined by white lines or streaks on the teeth. But that condition won’t develop or worsen when the child gets permanent teeth in.

Here’s another option if you’re concerned about using tap water: You can also use a mix of ready-to-feed formula, formula made with fluoridated tap water and formula made with low-fluoride water—such as purified, demineralized, deionized or distilled bottled water—to prepare formula.

Using Filtered Tap Water for Baby Formula

Because tap water is preferred over bottled water, using filtered tap water to make
infant formula is an easy, affordable way to give your baby safe drinking water for
formula. Just make sure you choose a quality water filter.

Avalon bottleless water coolers use a two-stage filtration process. This includes a multi-layer sediment filter and an activated carbon block filter. These filters are National Sanitation Foundation Certified, which means they meet strict standards for public health and safety.

The multi-layer sediment and activated carbon block filters remove 99.6 percent of lead, 99.7 percent of particulates, 97.4 percent of chlorine and 99.99 percent of visible objects and cysts. Additionally, the filters remove smell or bad taste. Avalon water coolers have filters that last for 1,500 gallons or six months. Each new
purchase includes a first set of filters so you can start using the water cooler right away.

Your hydration experience awaits.

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