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6 Ways to Battle Fatigue At Work

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Feeling a little depleted, but don’t have the cold or a flu? It’s a popular time of year to battle fatigue. Between winter weather and a busy holiday season, many people are feeling a little run down. If that fatigue is hurting your work productivity, or just making it hard to get through a shift, consider adding these into your work routine.

1. Get more vitamin D

It seems like vitamin D is the answer to everything these days, but it really could be so when it comes to combatting fatigue while you are at work. Having a vitamin D deficiency has been linked to fatigue. Not good at taking your vitamins? Keep them on your desk at work as a daily reminder to get enough vitamin D per day, or make sure you’re getting some vitamin D in your lunch by adding foods rich in the vitamin, such as egg yolks or canned tuna.

2. Think Herbal

Sometimes herbal remedies can give your immune system a boost and help you feel better. Talk to your physician about taking supplements such as elderberry, ginseng, vitamin C, or echinacea.

3. Hydrate on the job

Fatigue may be more than just the winter blues—you may be dehydrated. Bring a water bottle to work and make it a point to sip water throughout the day. If your office doesn’t have a watercooler, you may want to invest in one for your desk or just bring a large bottle with you. Getting enough water may be just what you need to continue feeling energized. While experts vary on how much water you should consume per day, many contend that eight, 8-ounce glasses per day is a good start.

4. Fuel Up

Trying to eat less as part of a New Year resolution? You may not be eating enough, or eating foods that properly fuel your body. Recheck your diet to ensure that you are eating enough during the day, and pack snacks that give you long-lasting fuel—not just a quick sugar fix.

5. Move more

Sometimes all you need to make it through a rough morning or a long afternoon is to get moving. Try walking on your break, or take advantage of a gym in your workplace. Even a walk around the building may be able to give you an energy lift.

6. Shift your schedule

If you work odd hours, such as an overnight shift, that could be doing a number on your body. Think you’d be more alert working during another time of day? Talk to your boss about flexible scheduling. Perhaps going into work an hour earlier will shorten your commute, which could also reduce fatigue and agitation.

If fatigue is a regular occurrence in your life long after the holidays are over, it may be the cause of a medical issue such as sleep apnea, depression or diabetes. In that case, it can affect more than how you feel while you’re on the clock at work, so talk to your doctor about any odd symptoms or lingering exhaustion.

Your hydration experience awaits.

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